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Results from alumni tracer study show that most of the respondent (30%) needs 1-3 months to obtain the first job and only 10% who needs to wait for more than a year to get his/her first job. The tracer study also managed to obtain information on the type of the workplace. It was found that the majority of the alumni from the Department of Economics worked for the government (49%) followed by domestic private sector (26%).

Some employers such as Bank Indonesia even have talent-scouting program aiming top graduates of the undergraduate program. Graduates of the program opt for a wide variety of careers, including private banking, the government, Bank Indonesia, Financial Service Authority, private companies, international NGO (ADB, World Bank, SMERU), and many more.

The Faculty and the Department of Economics cooperates with companies to provide internships and work experience. Since 2008, career counselling is also offered through SSC (Student Service Corner). Personal development service and academic counselling service comprises of workshops on academic writing skills, presentation skills, exam preparation, and thesis defence.

Alumni from FEB are automatically joins in KAFEGAMA (which is part of the greater UGM alumni organization, KAGAMA) where the organization held events such as alumni lecture series, internship opportunities, scholarships, and research funding. Non-academic activities by KAFEGAMA includes provision of endowment fund, construction of new building, support for research facilities, and expansion in the industrial network through the Faculty Advisory Board.