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If you are currently a student in Department of Economics, this page provides some resources you may need for your academic affair.


  1. Health Support
  2. Proposal Seminar Guideline for Thesis
    If you are a final year student and taking thesis in this semester, you can refer to this guideline on the process of your thesis writing. You are required to write a proposal and attend the proposal seminar, in which will be explained further in this section.
  3. Undergraduate & Graduate Thesis Writing Guideline
    Finishing a thesis could be challenging depends on your topic, but whoever your supervisor is, a good academic research writing is a standardized one. This guideline will provide the writing standards of your thesis.
  4. Manuscript Writing Guideline
    A good research won’t be as better as a published one. If you think that your research has an exceptional quality, why don’t you try to submit it for a conference or an academic journal? This guideline will provide you the standards to convert your lengthy work into a simple, powerful script, and ensure that your ideas are communicable.
  5. Internship Guideline
    If you are close to finish your study, you might think of doing some internship to learn a first hand experience on the world of professionals. Fortunately, you are in the right department which offers you wide variety of opportunities. If you are interested in having some internships, please refer to this guideline.