Economics Laboraties

Economics Laboratories

As one of the world class research university, one main duty of the departments across Universitas Gadjah Mada is to conduct researches related to their respective specialties. To support this mission, we in the Department of Economics have the Economics Laboratories, which consists of Energy Policy Corner, Macroeconomics Dashboard, and the upcoming Microeconomics Laboratory.

Economics Laboratories also hosts various research groups in the Department of Economics. To date, we have several topics as research interests in our department:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • International Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Economics of Energy
  • Crime Economics
  • Educational Economics
  • Experimental Economics

Energy Policy Corner

Energy Policy Corner is the center of information and activities related to energy and natural resources economics. This facility is supported by SKK Migas. Most of the activities are research.

Macroeconomic Dashboard

Macroeconomic Dashboard is one of economic laboratory facilities administered by Faculty of Economic and Business University of Gadjah Mada since September 2012. This facility is supported by PT. Bank Mandiri Tbk.

Mission of Macroeconomic Dashboard is public education by providing data, analysis, information, or economic opinion without pretention. Its aims are to provide data for the whole civitas academica, to train students and alumnae in economic analysis, and to become an alternative medium for public to learn about economy.

Macroeconomic Dashboard comes as a connection between economic researches on a sophisticated journal but is distant with publics, and mainstream medium which tends to be instant-pragmatic but poses a huge impact on society.

In order to realize its missions and aims, Macroeconomic Dashboard’s outputs consist of CEIC Database service, data updates and economic analysis on the website, quarterly Indonesian Economic Review and Outlook (IERO) publication, and economic news via Twitter @MacroDashboard.

Microeconomic Laboratory

The number of researches using microeconomics approach is substantially increasing in academic world. Since micro-level data has been increasingly available and accessible, the microeconomics approach becomes more feasible and provides as a powerful complement to its macroeconomics counterpart. In Department of Economics, we have a plan to develop a laboratory dedicated on providing resources for microeconomics analysis, such as micro database, tools and research center.